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All photographs by Evy Mages.

It’s Wednesday! During last night’s State of the Union address, President Trump did not mention the longest shutdown in government history—the very event that caused his address to be postponed. (Trump didn’t mention the Space Force either, which could mean a troublesome premise for that new Netflix show…) In the meantime, DC braces for another possible government shutdown.

People watch the State of the Union at the Trump Hotel.

It’s okay if you didn’t watch the State of the Union last night. I was there so you don’t have to be. Some of my personal highlights include newly elected women cheering for women in the workforce, this telling photograph of Nancy Pelosi and Trump taken by the indomitable Doug Mills, and a BlazeTV clip where Sean Spicer said Eric Bolling‘s Armani suit was from Target.

A Venti-sized problem: Political consulting firm SKDKnickerbocker really doesn’t want Democrats to go after its client, Starbucks.

State of the UnionA Young Republican watch Party at Mission Navy Yard.

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Melania Trump wore a black coat last night, in striking contrast to the all-white outfits worn by many women House Democrats. Let’s not forget, though, Trump’s much buzzed-about and analyzed all-white ensemble last year.

In case you missed it: Washington Post reporter Radley Balko live-tweeted an episode of Frasier during the State of the Union, calling it his #FrasierSOTU. Perhaps I’ll make it my own tradition, too.

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THEATER The Kennedy Center continues its semi-staged performance series “Broadway Center Stage” with the Tony Award-winning musical The Music Man. Starring Broadway vets Norm LewisJessie Mueller, and Rosie O’Donnell, the play follows a traveling salesman/con artist who promises to form a boys’ band—but intends to sneak out of town instead. His plans change, though, when he falls for the town’s librarian. Through February 11. $69-$249.

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Date lab sent the wrong dude out for a date and I can not stop reading this; @Netflix you going to make a show out of this stat. (Washington Post)

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