Where do you want to fly?

Dog ‘business’ woes fall on deaf ears:

“I’m calling in about the people here in Sharpsburg who walk their dogs and let them do their business on other people’s property without cleaning it up. I always thought that this was a law, but evidently not down here in Sharpsburg. I’ve gone to a member of the Sharpsburg Town Council and reported this to him, and nothing has happened. If that would be me walking my dog and letting her do her business on somebody else’s property without cleaning it up, there’d be hell to pay in this little town, trust me.”

— Earl Benner, Sharpsburg

Amendment doesn’t address dysfunction:

“The Founding Fathers gave us the Second Amendment so we could overthrow a tyrannical government. Unfortunately, they neglected to give us a way to deal with a dysfunctional government. The congressional Democrats should be considering legalizing drugs and prostitution, curbing the overuse of antibiotics, invasive species, preventing nuclear war, phasing out Social Security, free-market health care and ending deficit spending. Instead, all they are trying to do is to impeach Trump.”

— Doug Delmont, Waynesboro, Pa.

Regarding city council money pleas:

“No, it’s not the latest headline or a yellow back-page newspaper ad. It’s really simple. Every idea that emanates from city council ends up having a ‘we need money’ lid! We should be so appreciative of USMH as to let its students park for a $5-a-year permit. After all, we’re educating the brainpower to replace ‘City Hall mentality.’”

— Ronald D. Busey, Hagerstown

Everyone suffers from one loss:

“Well, he didn’t win, so he took his toys and went home, and everyone else suffers.”

— Sue Boyd, Hagerstown

Scam alert:

“Recently, I received two phone calls from California area codes 707 and 925 claiming that I was to be arrested for tax violations. Please let the readers know that these calls are scammers. Do not call the numbers back. I contacted the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Department and informed them that the calls originated from that county. I have a close friend who works for the IRS and she wants everyone to know that the IRS never contacts anyone by phone. All contact would be by mail.”

— Monty McManus, Hagerstown