Where do you want to fly?

Devote more space to letters to editor:

“I have noticed that David Shribman’s articles take up about 40 percent of the opinion page and that when his articles are printed, no letters to the editor are printed. Although my attention span may be longer than the typical subscriber to this newspaper, I believe it is way too early to opine at great length about one potential Democratic presidential candidate. I would like to be able to read more letters to the editor submitted by local folks.”

— Daniel Moeller, Rohrersville

In support of Trump:

“Be thankful. President Trump is working for not only the United States, but for people throughout the world. And doing a great job. Vote.”

— Joe Saunders, Hagerstown

‘Playbook of a tyrant’:

“During the past two years, Republicans in Congress were complicit in the destruction of our democratic institution. They sat back and allowed this president to discredit the FBI, the CIA, to question the integrity and independence of the federal judiciary, to label the free press an enemy of the people and to view all news as fake news. White House staffers were forced to sign nondisclosure agreements, unheard of in a democracy. This is a playbook of a tyrant. Americans should be more concerned about the fresh footprints of fascism than Democratic socialism.”

— Harry Parks, Halfway

Thanks to snow angel Darrel:

“I’d like to thank our snow angel, Darrel, who lives next door. He takes such good care of our driveway. We are elderly and we cannot get out and do it anymore. He does a wonderful job. We appreciate him and love him so much. Thank you, Darrel.”

— Sarah Mason, Hagerstown