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The Leitersburg cinemas Hagerstown MD are maybe one of the best locations to see movies in Maryland. It was opened a very long time ago, in 1970 by J Kenneth Ridenour as a drive-in and it also had a 2-screen movie theater. The world was different at that time, not a lot of people were coming to the movies in the region, so it did made a lot of sense to at least check this out and see. If you are looking things to do in Hagerstown MD – Leitersburg cinemas is the right place.

Leitersburg cinemas Hagerstown MD

Short history of the Leitersburg cinemas Hagerstown MD

After the cinema was open, the Ridenour Family LLP has remained the owner of this place. The thing to note here is that over the years they did have various changes in management. One of them being Diamond Cinemas, but they stopped operations here. The property was sold at auction and the theater had to go dark for almost an entire year. So it really shows that despite being popular, a cinema can still end up with issues due to management and other problems. Which is why you really have to focus on the situation and convenience as much as you can. It’s certainly something very rewarding to see it come back and operate after a long time.

The High Rock founders formed a new company and they did end up bringing the Leitersburg cinemas Hagerstown MD back to life. It was a great effort because they did have support from High Rock, a company that did video production, web development, marketing and so on. One of the YouTube videos they created made it easy for them to promote the Leitersburg cinemas Hagerstown MD.

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What can you find here?

There are multiple screening rooms that can host hundreds of people at the same time. They also implemented a whole lot of features like Dolby sound, 3D support and so on. They basically have all the stuff that you need in order to enjoy the experience and just have fun with it. Granted, the best part about Leitersburg cinemas Hagerstown MD is that it always brings in some of the best movies and at the same time they also integrated digital projectors and electronic recliners.

It’s clear that they invested a whole lot in here, and the investment does pay off very well. It shows the true value and quality offered here, and it will impress you again and again, which is what matters the most.

How many people come to the Leitersburg cinemas Hagerstown MD?

Believe it or not, ever since 2010’s reopening, the cinema has been very popular. You will be happy to hear that they are selling more than 300000 movie tickets every year. So it really is a successful cinema. And the best part for all moviegoers is that here you can find some of the best movies on the market. That alone makes it a really good place to check out, and one that you will enjoy quite a bit due to that. Visiting the Leitersburg cinemas Hagerstown MD is a great idea if you are in the region and want to check out some of the best, latest movies!